It's been 13 wonderful years.

December 10th, 2021

What an amazing ride.

During the past 13 years, we've worked with clients all across the globe, big and small. We've run 9 editions of our widely known international conferences, we've written tens of thousands of lines of open source, we've built our own products, and we've had the honour of working with an incredibly talented and diverse team: Riera, Roger, Divins, Lorenzo, Genís, Toni, Rafa, Víctor, Aitor, David, D. Bujan, G. Capdevila, Ľuboš, Georgina, Arnau, Marta, Javier, Núria, Zuz, Mike, Dagmar, Agustí, Anagha, Andrea, Anna, Armand, Edgar, Elena, Elisa, Eva, Gladys, Leo, Svenja, Faith, Martín, Don, Hugo, Marina, Vero, Nick, Míriam, Osvaldo, Ares, Gerard, Yonca, Natalia and Dídac.

We've succeeded and failed many times, and the learnings will stay with us forever. We're incredibly grateful to everybody who's crossed our paths and helped build and shape Codegram along the way.

We started this company with an idea in mind — to hack! — and we’ve had our fair share of it. Now we’re ready to close this chapter and move on to new adventures along with our incredible team.

Starting today, Codegram is joining Factorial in their mission to empower small and medium businesses and help them nurture great teams.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Oriol, Txus and Josep Jaume