We're a diverse and distributed team with over a decade of experience.

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience solving challenging problems for renowned organisations around the globe. Dedicated to a wide range of sectors, we work together to design, create and manage innovative work that is both smart and effective.

A Holistic

Your Success
Is Our Success

Experts in

We take care of every step of the way to ensure consistent quality and reliable delivery timeframes. Our goal is to guarantee maximum efficiency and transparent communication.

We pride in building long-term relationships with our clients, always going one step further. We strive to establish a great future with you based on mutual trust and commitment.

Our high level of experience in designing real-world products, as well as working in multiple industries, gives us a proficient technical depth and advanced perspective.

Building a Community

We give back to the community by organizing Full Stack Fest, a yearly programming conference that has hosted hundreds of world-class speakers and welcomed thousands of developers since 2012.
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We actively contribute to education through our simulated business platform Empresaula, used by thousands of students for their vocational training courses.
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An Agile Methodology Based on Sprints


Empathize and Understand

Research and Define

This step is all about turning our 'users' into 'people'. We want to truly get to know who they are and what they need by implementing an empathetic approach in our research through their direct feedback. We want to empathise and understand, then research and define what they really need.


Ideate and Create

Prototype and Test

Put everybody on the same page, know each other, set a common aim, and align business goals with user needs. Uncover new insights and reframe if it’s necessary to finally decide the next move. This block is made up of two parts, ideate and create, and prototype and test with real users.


Implement and Test

Time to fail early and learn fast, explore possibilities, communicate concepts, share prototypes, and carry out user testing to find the idea to follow and develop.

Codegram was born in 2009 from Txus, Josep and Oriol, brought together by their passion for building meaningful technology.

This has been their main goal ever since; to build an ethical company that offers high-quality solutions with no restrictions.

What we Do

We drive digital transformation to help your business thrive with our end-to-end innovative solutions. From idea to product, business strategy to cutting-edge technology, we build and maintain all your digital needs to transform your goals into reality.

Our vast expertise in building top notch technology allows us to focus on helping you conquer new audiences and outperfom competitors. We partner with our clients through a strong set of values to solve problems and seize new opportunities.

Our Values and Mission

Priding ourselves on our diversity and inclusion, we've grown into a close-knit team of international experts in multiple fields, evolving from a technology firm to a full-service digital agency. We have extremely high standards and we work hard to exceed them, allowing us to redefine the limits of digital innovation.

We believe in people, in synergies and connections, and we strongly trust in digital evolution for business revolution. Our wide range of success stories reflect how innovation is in our DNA.