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About Production Mistakes

Or yes, it can happen to everyone

Elena Maroto, 3 min read
But Lighthouse says I'm accessible! · Part 2

We already saw that automatic tools are not enough to check the accessibility, now we're goi...

Verónica Ojeda, 7 min read
Peeking into Elixir - Part 1

Understanding the basics of Elixir

Anagha VL, 5 min read
But Lighthouse says I'm accessible! · Part 1

Accessibility tends to be checked at the end of the project and just with automatic tools if...

Verónica Ojeda, 12 min read
ElixirConf US 2020

Some impressions on this year's ElixirConf US.

Armand Adroher, 13 min read
Why you should hire a junior developer

Or why junior developers are good for your company

Elena Maroto, 6 min read
Crawling websites with elixir and crawly

Quick introduction of how we can use the library crawly to extract data from websites.

Edgar Latorre, 3 min read
Understanding Regular Expressions once and for all · Part 4

Regular Expressions don't need to be scary. They can actually be fun. Learn them now – once ...

Svenja Schäfer, 3 min read
"High tech, high touch": A communication toolkit for virtual team

Having everything written down is essential when working remotely, especially if the team is...

Georgina Cruells, 4 min read