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David Morcillo

Likes dogs, Rust and pasta salad.

First thoughts about Deno 🦕

At Codegram we like to experiment with new technologies and Deno was just released a week ag...

David Morcillo, 4 min read
Practical React & Redux - Part 1

This is the first part of a new workshop series created by our team. Let's learn about how t...

David Morcillo, 8 min read
RustFest Barcelona 2019

The previous weekend I attended RustFest Barcelona 2019 and here you can read some of my per...

David Morcillo, 3 min read
🦀 Rust for JS developers

A nice introduction to Rust from a JavaScript developer perspective.

David Morcillo, 7 min read
From a pet server to a Kubernetes cluster

A story about how we migrated our infrastructure and deployment strategy from a single pet s...

David Morcillo, 6 min read
Lunch talks #9: Why we should take our attention to Rust

David Morcillo, 3 min read
Machine Learning loves dogs

Everyone agrees Machine Learning is a hot topic, but I couldn't find any use case to apply i...

David Morcillo, 2 min read
​Lunch Talks #1: Real-time GraphQL

At Codegram we love continuous training so every day after lunch we watch a video from many ...

David Morcillo, 2 min read