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Marc Riera

He likes languages and the Catalan translation of Harry Potter (and you won't change his mind, trust us, we tried).

How to autocancel GitHub Actions workflows

We found a way to autocancel redundant workflows. Hint: we use another action!

Marc Riera, 2 min read
asdf: a version manager to rule them all

We keep using more and more programming languages, and we need to control their versions. En...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
How to save elephants by improving your code

The story of me refactoring an API endpoint and make it more performant.

Marc Riera, 5 min read
Talk Club Sessions: #2 Phoenix LiveView

In this new Talk Club session we talk about Phoenix LiveView and what use cases we can solve...

Marc Riera, 2 min read
Using components in Phoenix templates

Exploring different alternatives to use components on Phoenix templates.

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Rake ignores eager loading Rails config

I recently hit an unexpected behavior: Rake was not eager-loading classes, even though my Ra...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Lunch talks #6: Leveling our Elixir up

At Codegram we want to give Elixir a serious chance on projects, and to do this we need to s...

Marc Riera, 2 min read
Building Decidim: architecture overview

In the post where we introduced this series, we explained Decidim is not a Rails app, but a ...

Marc Riera, 4 min read
Building Decidim, an open-source participatory democracy platform

Marc Riera, 3 min read