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My learning experience in a fully remote company as a Junior Developer

Remote can work for Juniors!

Elisa Ramírez, 6 min read
Practical React & Redux - Part 1

This is the first part of a new workshop series created by our team. Let's learn about how t...

David Morcillo, 8 min read
Let's read! Book recommendations for World Book Day

April 23rd, Saint George's day, World Book Day… No matter what you call it, today is a day t...

Núria Soriano, 6 min read
Learning how to learn

At Codegram we have 5 hours per week dedicated to learning time. But how to manage them effe...

Núria Soriano, 5 min read
Unexpected programming Boost: from Humanities to GitHub

Georgina Cruells, 2 min read
Introducing Monday Talks at Codegram

Txus Bach, 1 min read