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Lunch talks #10: Fighting impostor syndrome in four easy steps

If you are anything like me, you have experienced impostor syndrome at some point in your li...

Núria Soriano, 2 min read
Lunch talks #9: Why we should take our attention to Rust

David Morcillo, 3 min read
Lunch talks #8: Machine Learning

My interest in Machine Learning is not much in how to build code using it but in seeing in w...

Arnau Besora, 3 min read
Lunch talks #7: A Type System tour

Oriol Gual, 2 min read
Lunch talks #6: Leveling our Elixir up

At Codegram we want to give Elixir a serious chance on projects, and to do this we need to s...

Marc Riera, 2 min read
Lunch talks #5: CSS! I want to give it all to you

Aitor Porro, 3 min read
Lunch Talks #4: A couple words about product

Marc Divins, 2 min read
Lunch Talks #3: Elixir, the good parts

Josep Jaume, 3 min read
​Lunch Talks #2: Vue.js

Lunch talks about how can Vue.js turn you into a happy developer

Núria Soriano, 2 min read
​Lunch Talks #1: Real-time GraphQL

At Codegram we love continuous training so every day after lunch we watch a video from many ...

David Morcillo, 2 min read
Introducing Monday Talks at Codegram

Txus Bach, 1 min read